Catopsis Bromeliad Plant Species

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Catopsis (ka-top’sis) – Belonging to the Tillandsioideae subfamily; these plants are epiphytes and comprise about 21 known species.
They are soft leaved, smoother edged, and form graceful small rosettes.

The undersides of the leaves are coated with what appears to be white powder. The flowers have white or yellow petals and are very small. The catopsis are interesting plants but not highly decorative.

 Catopsis Bromeliad Plant Species.jpg

Catopsis subulata pictured.
For more information on the Tillandsioideae Bromeliad subfamily, check out my Bromeliad Subfamily – Tillandsioideae post!

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  1. Sandra Malouf Owen says:

    I have a white powder-like substance on some leaves of my bromeliad. I have sprayed with confidor. Am I doing the right thing and is this aphids please?

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