Bromeliad Photo of the Week

Submitted by: Monique
Bromeliad Species: Bromeliad Aechmea

I use this one that I took as a screensaver.

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7 Responses to “Photo of the Week”

  1. diana LeMeunier says:

    how often should I water the aechmea bromild

    1. Melanie Dearringer says:

      Check out our Aechmea Cheat Sheet. It’s a quick care guide covering watering, lighting, fertilizing, etc.

  2. Susan Blake says:

    How do I post a picture

  3. Nickie Black says:

    How beautiful, Wow, hope I learn to get mine that healthy and vivid. Congratulations!!

  4. Leslie C says:


  5. Judy Prejean says:

    Can I repot my bromeliad in a self watering pot? I did last night did I do the right thing?

  6. Mike Williams says:


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