Guzmania [for Valentine’s Day]

Submitted by: Michele
Bromeliad Species: Guzmania [for Valentine’s Day]

My husband just bought me this for Valentines Day. We saw it at the store and I thought it was beautiful ! I prefer a live plant over cut flowers... always !

6 Responses to “Guzmania [for Valentine’s Day]”

  1. Michele Juergens says:

    Thank You for posting my photo of my plant as your picture if the week !

  2. CHRISTIE says:

    <3 MY BROMMIES !!!!

  3. Jane Pfenning says:

    I just received a bromeliad that looks like this one. I live in Raleigh, NC. Do not know how to care for it. I feel sure mine is a Michele. Can you help me?

  4. Patricia J. Lupa says:

    Do you have to trim this plant when it starts bending?

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      Hi Patricia, which part is bending? If the bloom has faded, you can cut it off toward the base of the plant with a sterile blade.

  5. J. Marie says:

    My roommate got a plant like this from her office. It did not have a bloom on it, but a big stalk coming out the center, that to me, looked like it would open up to flower at some point. She insisted that the stalk was the dead bloom and she cut it off. She had never seen it in bloom, so I think she should have had some more patience. Now there is no way to see if it will bloom, but I am still curious to know who was right. Is there anywhere I can see what the flower looks like BEFORE it blooms?

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