Common Bromeliad Fungal Disease – Anthracnose

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Diseases are more than a nuisance for Bromeliad plants, if they are left untreated, the diseases can kill them and/or spread to other healthy plants in your home. Prevention is always the best course of action for treatment. In this article I’ve listed the symptoms and Control methods for the common Bromeliad fungal disease Anthracnose (Colletotrichum spp.)

Anthracnose – (Colletotrichum spp.)

  • Symptoms – Anthracnose is characterized by slightly sunken spots surrounded by a dark brown to tan edge, and roughly circular lesions that may contain small dark fungal spores anywhere on the leaves. These Yellowish masses of spores form in zones mainly along the leaf veins or in concentric rings in the spot (the center of the spot may appear pink; this is a symptom of infected tissue). The wounding enhances the disease penetration. Usually large areas on the leaf turn brown, dry out along the leaf margins, leaf tips turn yellow, then tan, and then dark brown. The browning can extend out around the entire leaf, and eventually the leaves start to drop off (they die).
  • Control – Keep plant stresses from water and heat to a minimum. In the case of propagation; do not use any cuttings which have spots when taken from the stock plants. On rooted plants, minimize overhead watering and exposure to rainfall if possible.
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  1. janice woodring says:

    This is my first try at growing a bromalaid.. I have noticed were the top of the flower is I am getting brown decay.. I am not sure what to do.. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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