Navia Bromeliad Plants

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Navia (nay’vea) – Belonging to the Pitcairnioideae subfamily; again a bromeliad from the ‘lost world’. About 104 species make up the genus and these are mainly xerophytic.

They grow on moist ledges as well as dry cliffs and vary greatly in size from very small to 60 cm in diameter. Two species, Navia splendens and Navia arida, have been grown successfully in cultivation. In habitat they are terrestrial or saxicolous and often form large clumps. The inflorescence is sessile in the center of the rosette, formed by the leaves which bear spines along the margins.

Navia arida.jpg

Navia arida pictured.

For more information on the Pitcairnioideae Bromeliad subfamily, check out my Bromeliad Subfamily – Pitcairnioideae post!

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  1. Doris Raecke says:

    In the process of painting watercolors of bromeliads, some of my own, some at friends places, growers and most of all, the annual bromeliad exhibition in Caracas, I have encountered some difficult to classify (I am not a grower, just an artist). Could you help me with a couple of these plants to name my paintings correctly? Where can I send you the photos?
    Thank you,

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