Billbergia Porteana Bromeliad Plant

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Care and Culture, Classification

Within the genus is a distinct group of billbergias whose flowers have tightly coiled petals, of which this species is fairly typical.

It is tall, up to 3 ft. (90cm), forming a tube 3 in. (7.5cm) in diameter of six to eight leaves, recurving slightly at the tips, dull green, mealy-banded on the back and edged with spines. The flower stem, appearing in August, is about as tall as the leaves and carries several 6 in. (15cm) bright red bracts, while the drooping panicle is up to 1 ft (30cm) long, with green flowers margined in violet. These are followed by large ridged ovaries covered with silver-grey wool, which last several months and usually give fertile seed. Seeds may be sown to produce flowering plats in three years. Offsets generally take two years to flower.

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