Brewcaria Bromeliad Plant

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Brewcaria (brew-car’ea) – Belonging to the Pitcairnioideae subfamily; there are only two species of Brewcaria, related to Encholirium and widespread in the Guayana Highlands.

For more information on the Pitcairnioideae Bromeliad subfamily, check out my Bromeliad Subfamily – Pitcairnioideae post!

Publication: Act. Bot. Venezuelica 14(3) 1984 Fig. 1
Client: Smith, L.B. – Size: 12×16

Brewcaria Bromeliad Plant.GIF
Figure a-j
Brewcaria duidensis (Bromeliaceae) – Collection: Steyermark et al 124582, Venezuela, Territorio Federal Amazonas; leaf, bracts, floral parts, ovary sect.
Artist: Tangerini, A.R. – Date unknown – pen and ink

From the Catalog of Botanical Illustrations, Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution

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