Flower Pots and Containers For Your Plant

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The containers you choose for your houseplants are the only home they know, but they are part of your home, too. This balancing act (providing containers that meet the needs of your plants while also pleasing you with their presence) is not difficult if you keep a few fundamental guidelines in mind.

These include size, drainage, and material. When interior decor is your priority, it is usually best to choose the container before you choose the plant. Once the container and plant are in place, you may find that a third element, such as a small piece of statuary, works magic in bringing the composition to life. Check out NewProContainers.com; these plant containers come in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles for you to choose from so that you can be sure you get exactly what you need for your unique decor projects, at a wonderful price!

Keep in mind that flat surfaces, such as floors, tabletops, and windowsills, are not the only places to keep plants. Various types of hardware (including hooks, chains, and fiber hangers) can be used to turn almost any container into a hanging basket, or you can use a container designed to be suspended from a hook. This is often a great way to give a plant bright light that might otherwise be wasted. When installing a hook in the ceiling or mounting hanging hardware on a wall, make sure it is firmly anchored into a joist (the solid piece of wood behind sheetrock). Otherwise, only very light plants, such as air plants, will be suitable for hanging.

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