List Of Common Billbergia Bromeliad Species

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Care and Culture, Classification

Billbergias are closely allied to Aechmea and need the same cultural treatment as the hard-leaved members of that genus, like Aechmea fasciata.

Their distribution in nature is through Central America from southern Mexico to Argentina and they are usually found as epiphytes, growing into large clumps in open situations near the edge of forests, where they receive strong light. Most species form stiff, upright, cylindrical tubes, in contrast to the open rosettes of aechmeas, and need as much light as possible shot of scorching. The leaves are tough, edged with strong spines, often banded with silver-grey and, in some cases, blotched and marbled with red and white as well. The flower spikes are striking, in shades of blue, green and yellow, shown off by large pink or red bracts. Unlike Aechmea, the flowers are comparatively short-lived, lasting only one or two weeks. Nearly all species have a definite flowering time, most of them blooming in the spring.

List of Common Billbergias

  • B. Amoena
  • B. Chlorosticta
  • B. ‘Muriel Waterman’
  • B. Nutans
  • B. Porteana
  • B. Pyramidalis
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  1. Franceen Lyons says:

    I have some bromeliads a friend grows in her north TX yard. She said they are “Queen’s Lace” or was it “Queen’s Dagger”? would you know? Hers grow profusely in the yard with no special care. I don’t know what I have.

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