Cryptanthus Zonatus Bromeliad Plant

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Care and Culture, Classification

This Brazilian species has broad,very stiff, wavy leaves with striking zebra-like banding.

There are a number of varieties with different colored leaves, including viridis, green with silver bands, and fuscus, red-brown with silver bands. All need good light and a minimum winter temperature of 55 degrees F (13 degrees C).

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2 Responses to “Cryptanthus Zonatus Bromeliad Plant”

  1. Elsie Wamsley says:

    I purchased as scarlet bromeliad. The scarlet “flower” is scalloped on the edges and the total length of the red part is about 8-10 inches. Now little tube like yellow growths with stamens or pistils are coming out of each scalloped petal. What is the name of the bromeliad? What are the tube-lie growths and how are they to be treated? The foliage is quite lovely. The pot that it is in in about 5-6 inches. Should it be transplanted to a larger pot? It is in a 9-foot south window and the temperature is a constant 70-72 degrees. it is so beautiful and different, I donm’t want anything to happen to it. Thank you for any information. I
    ‘ve read m,ost of your website.

  2. jeannine obrien says:

    great site.i’ve been trying to finf info on bromelailds. could not beleive the lack of info,thanks

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