Making A Bromeliad Tree – Part One

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As suggested in my Permanently Planting Bromeliads post, a small “tree” is very good for displaying bromeliads in the greenhouse or conservatory or even in the home. It can be simply made with cork bark, which is available from florists and garden centers.

For a small artificial tree 2 1/2 feet (75cm) or so high, make up a framework of crumpled chicken wire to the rough shape of tree desired. Place the bottom of the framework in a mixture consisting of two parts of sand to one of cement. in a 5 in. (12.5 cm) half-pot, and leave it to dry for a day or two. The plastic half-pot can then be removed, having served its function as a mold. This gives a “tailor’s dummy” on to which sections of cork bark can be wired or glued, using a silicone sealant or adhesive. Make sure the lower pieces of bark are well attached to the cement base. Next, cover any gaps or holes between the pieces of bark by pinning on strips of polythene sheet.

The tree may then be filled with polymeric foam filler, which is sold by DIY shops for thermal insulation. To use it, two chemicals are mixed together and the resultant foaming liquid is poured into the inside of the tree, where it quickly expands and hardens to fill all the spaces and give a rigid structure. After an hour, unpin the pieces of polythene and trim off any excess hardened foam with a knife. Visible foam surfaces can be painted brown to blend with the cork bark. An alternative method is to pack the bark tree with chunks of plastic foam, of the type used for cushions.

For more tips and information of how to make a tree for a bromeliad, be sure to check out the next installment Making A Bromeliad Tree – Part Two and Making A Bromeliad Tree – Part Three!

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