How Much Water Does My Bromeliad Need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bromeliads are more likely to die from over-watering than under-watering. Their sensitive roots like to be moist but cannot remain in potting mix that remains overly wet. If your bromeliad is allowed to sit in wet mix for extended periods of time, its roots or crown will begin to rot. Generally, watering your bromeliad once a week is sufficient. We do suggest identifying the type of bromeliad you are caring for to get a better idea of that specific plant’s watering needs. If you need help with identification, you can check out our Bromeliad Identification Flowchart.

There are some bromeliads, such as Tillandsia, that are not grown in potting medium. These bromeliads are commonly referred to as air plants and require misting. For more information on watering techniques, see our article on Bromeliad Basics: Watering.

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