Pitcairnia Bromeliad Plant Species

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Pitcairnia (pit-cair’nea)

Belonging to the Pitcairnioideae subfamily; this genus has over 300 species and is one of the most striking plants, when in flower, in the Pitcairnioideae subfamily.

General Plant Information:

Pitcairnia are found growing in moist, shady positions and some have been found growing epiphytically. Most of these plants are grass-like and for the most part smooth edged, lacking the spines generally found in other Pitcairnioideae genera. They bear tubular flowers with yellow, red, or white petals and although each flower lasts only a single day the rather tall, thin inflorescence will continue to bloom for several months.

Within this group is the only bromeliad found growing outside the Americas, Pitcairnia feliciana. This species can be found growing on rocks and cliff faces in French Guinea in Africa and was first discovered by a French botanist in 1937.

Basic Care Requirements

Lighting: Keep plants in brightly lit place, avoiding directly sun.

Watering: Water regularly, but let potting mixture dry between waterings.

Repotting: Repot every few years using a soft, well-draining potting mix.

Pitcairnia Bromeliad Plant Species

Pitcairnia wendlandii

For a more comprehensive overview of the genus, see our blog post An Introduction to Pitcairnia.

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  1. Paula says:

    Hi, just wondering if you could possibly tell me what I have?..I left the top of a pineapple on my garden, 12 or so years later the plant is huge , no pineapple..smaller plants and a huge long tall stem rising from the middle..it attracted local lorikeets…thankyou in anticipation

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