Popular Bromeliad Plant – Cryptanthus acaulis and Hybrids

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This article provides you with a specific profile of the popular bromeliad plant known as Cryptanthus acaulis and hybrids.

Cryptanthus acaulis (krip-TAN-thus uh-CAL-is) – Also known as “Earth Star and Starfish Plant.” A small bromeliad, earth star is an excellent choice for humid rooms where space is limited. Mature plants are only 5in (12.5cm) high and 6in (15cm) across. Unlike other bromeliads, earth star’s flowers are small and hidden, so it is grown primarily for its starry, sharp-tipped wavy leaves. The coarse leaf scales are easily seen on most cultivars, and they do a good job of absorbing moisture and nutrients. Strong light intensifies the leaf colors of pink or variegated earth stars. Older plants often flatten out a bit before they bloom, and then slowly fail. Use scissors to trim back the leaves by half their length, which speeds up the growth of the emerging offsets.

Because of its small size, earth star is the preferred bromeliad for growing in homes. Its unique texture brings surprising drama when earth star is grouped with ferns and other foliage plants that like high humidity.

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