Top Books and Resources for Bromeliad Enthusiasts

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Care and Culture

Whether you are beginner bromeliad grower or an experienced collector, it is important to build a library full of helpful information. Your resources should be able to assist you with plant identification, care and culture, propagation and general botany of the plants.

With so many resources available, reviews and recommendations can help you decide which are the best to own. But to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of several outstanding books and resources that will assist you in your bromeliad-growing endeavors. 

Blooming Bromeliads

Guzmania flower

Blooming Bromeliads by Ulrich and Ursula Baensch is one of the most significant, beautiful and informative books about bromeliads. It offers a plethora of pictures depicting many various bromeliad species. It also contains a wealth of information regarding bromeliad botany, natural habitat, care and culture, propagation, glossaries and more. It is described by many as one of the best books on bromeliads.

Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print. It can be found through online specialty sellers, usually used. Even used this book is now very expensive. If you can find it at a used book store for a reasonable price don’t pass up this treasure. Rusty Luthe, for The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies says this regarding Blooming Bromeliads: “It is a shame that the book is no longer being printed, as it should be one of the first acquisitions for anyone starting out in bromeliads, perhaps even before starting to collect plants!”

Starting with Bromeliads

This book was published by The Bromeliad Society of Queensland. It is a short book, only a hundred pages, full of important knowledge about growing bromeliads. This book contains information about growing bromeliads indoors, as well as outdoors for landscaping. “How-to information, such as removing pups and growing from seed, are accompanied by helpful photographs,” says Karen Andreas in a review of the book for the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies.

Starting with Bromeliads is only available through The Florida Council of Bromeliad Society and its affiliates. The contact information for these groups can be found at this website. This is the book you need on your shelf for a simple guide on growing bromeliads. Keep it handy so you can quickly reference it as you get your bromeliads started and troubleshoot your bromeliad challenges.


If you want a book packed with pictures, Bromeliads by F. Oliva-Esteve is the resource for you. This book is full of 980 color photos of various bromeliads. According to Rainbow Gardens Bookshop, this massive book contains: “photos and text covering descriptions of 59 aechmeas, 55 guzmanias, 25 navias, 34 pitcairnias, 11 puyas and 124 tillandsias.”

This book offers a comprehensive, colorful look at the bromeliad world. It also includes articles on various bromeliad topics written by notorious bromeliad experts. It is available at Rainbow Gardens Bookshop.

Bromeliads for Home and Garden

Pink Bromeliads

Bromeliads for Home and Garden by Jack Kramer is another helpful book for beginner bromeliad growers. This book offers great information for growing bromeliads indoors and in outdoor landscaping. It includes color photographs and extensive information on the most popular and readily available species of bromeliads.

Another advantage to this book is that it is easy to find at most book retailers and it is an affordable investment. If you are just getting started with bromeliads, this may be the first book you want to pick up.

Tillandsia II

This book is designed particularly for the air plant enthusiast. It provides extensive information regarding the Tillandsia genus of bromeliad. An updated version of the original 1987 text became available in 2009 with new photos and revised information.

Tillandsia II by Paul T. Isley III is available from Tropiflora. It is sure to fascinate and educate Tillandsia collectors.

Searching for Miss Fortuna

Searching for Miss Fortuna by Chester Skotak is not an informational book, but a novel that features bromeliads. The Bromeliad Society International Catalog says this regarding this novel: “[Searching for Miss Fortuna is] An intriguing novel inspired by true events. The Bromeliad world has never seen anything like it! This bizarre adventure laced with offbeat humor, odd characters, and vivid descriptions chronicles an obsession with collecting a rare bromeliad.” If you are looking for a fun read that includes your love for bromeliads, this is the perfect novel for you.

Other Resources

There are also many free resources available on the internet. Bromeliad sellers and various bromeliad societies offer informative articles regarding the care of specific classifications of bromeliads and various species. They also offer information regarding propagation, outdoor landscaping, and controlling pests and disease. Here are some great places to look for specific information regarding bromeliads.

Care Sheets

Tropiflora Plant Care Sheets offers all kinds of specialized bromeliad information. They range in topic from general care to growing bromeliads in specific environments such as full sun or a terrarium. If you have a special situation, use these plant care information sheets to find the tips you need to grow a healthy bromeliad.

Photo Index

The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies offers an incredibly extensive photo index of bromeliads. You can look up bromeliads by genus, species or cultivar names. There are thousands of bromeliads included in this vast index. This index includes species as well as hybrids. There are also pictures available from various shows as well as private collections. This index is particularly helpful in identifying varieties of Bromeliads. The index can be accessed here.

Bromeliad Society International Archives

The Bromeliad Society International now offers archives of its journal online. The archives date back to the inception of the society in 1951. They conclude with journals from 1986. The journals include informative articles from bromeliad experts such as Lyman B. Smith and Mulford Foster. They also contain a wealth of bromeliad photos. The archives are searchable, so you can find any bromeliad topic in any volume. Don’t miss out on this extensive collection of information. You can access the archives here.

Genera Information

Bromeliad Society/Houston has posted information regarding several popular genera of bromeliads. The articles provide specific care requirements including light, water and soil needed for each genera. Bromeliad Society/Houston also includes how to avoid potential problems and manage common pests. These informative articles can be found here.

Share Your Favorite Resources

These resources can help you in your bromeliad growing endeavors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bromeliad collector, there are books and articles that will interest you.


Do you have any favorite bromeliad books or resources? Where do you turn for information about raising bromeliads?


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