7 Steps to Keep Your Bromeliad Happy

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Bromeliads make great additions to both indoor and outdoor landscape designs, and with the right care they will flourish for years to come. We’ve created a helpful infographic cheat sheet for the easiest bromeliad plant care tips below. Share with fellow growers and clients, or make a print-out for yourself! Happy planting.

Bromeliad Care Infographic

Share with us some of your top bromeliad-growing tips below!

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15 Responses to “7 Steps to Keep Your Bromeliad Happy”

  1. Nigel Dixon says:

    Thank you for the really interesting and useful information! This is our first bromelia, and neither my wife or me had any idea how to care for such a beautiful plant. But now with your help I’m sure we’ll soon have it flourishing!

    1. jacqueline says:

      that was the chart for bromeliads, and i am going to print it …….thank you again

  2. Cecile Wood says:

    How about placing a cut apple in the soil?

  3. Jewell Glasure says:

    I have noticed several brown spots on some leaves. I noticed some of the plants for sale at the store had spots. Mine did not when I purchased it. What do I need to do?

    1. mags says:

      my leaves are showing some brown marks what is happening to my plant is there anything I can do to save it.

      1. Wanda says:

        Too much direct sunlight.

  4. Mary Gant says:

    Would like to no how large do these plants grow

  5. David Hoene says:

    Why do some bromeliads lose their color?

    1. Melanie Dearringer says:

      Hi David. Bromeliads tend to lose their bright colors if they are being exposed to too little light. In order to absorb as much light as possible, your bromeliad will begin to produce high levels of chlorophyll which will cause the plant to become more green.

  6. Charlene Shireman says:

    should I cut the blooms off after they die?

    1. Melanie Dearringer says:

      Hi Charlene. It is best to remove a spent bloom so your bromeliad can focus all its energy on producing you pups. You may want to check out this article as it explains exactly how to remove the bloom stalk.

  7. Judi Smith says:

    Does anyone know the name of a bromeliad that has a white florescence?

  8. Naimah says:

    How often do you water the bromeliad? Also how soon can you repot it. Mine seems to be too big for the pot I purchased it in.

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      Naimah, do you know what kind of bromeliad plant you have? Without knowing, we’d suggest watering it regularly but letting it dry out a little bit between waterings to avoid soggy conditions which can lead to rot. Bromeliads don’t need large pots because they don’t have an extensive root system.

  9. katey says:

    My plant is a new pup transplanted about a month ago. This past week or two I’ve been noticing longitude wrinkling on the stem/base of the plant and now it is falling over, it no longer can hold itself upright. What did I do wrong? I moved it to the bathroom today hoping the humidity would help. I don’t have a green thumb at all. Please help :/

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