Gifting a Bromeliad for this Mother’s Day

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Bromeliads make great gifts

Not sure what you to gift your mom this Mother’s Day, but want something that isn’t your typical bunch of roses? Try a bomeliad! Not only do they have gorgeous bright colors, they are a very manageable and beautiful plants. We recommending purchasing a Guzmania, as this is a low maintenance, easy to find variety. With vibrant colors and an unusual shape, you mother will love the uniqueness of her gift. We’ve put together a general care sheet for Guzmania bromeliads that you can find here. Feel free to print it off and give to your mother so she can refer to it if she needs to!

Where to buy

If you are in a warmer, humid climate (Florida, for example) try googling for bromeliad growers in your area. Going straight to a professional grower will give you access to the healthiest plants, you can talk to the grower about how to care for the bromeliad you purchase, and you’ll be supporting the local economy!

However, you can usually find bromeliad plants at your local home improvement or grocery store, and if not, online. Check out our list of 7 Places to Buy Bromeliads Online for some great online sellers. And if you’re looking for more of a packed-in-the-pot, ready-to-go look, then places like and have bromeliads for sale right now for Mother’s Day. gives you the option of choosing a bromeliad potted alongside an orchid, or alone. Both are beautiful options!

Mother's Day Orchid Bromeliad
Mother's Day Bromeliad
Mother's Day Plant

Caring for your bromeliad

Make sure to take note of these general care guidelines so that you can tell your mother how best to care for her new plant!

1. Watering: Give your bromeliad a good watering, but let dry out before watering again (constantly soggy soil will cause root rot).

2. Humidity & Temperature: Guzmania enjoy hot and humid temperatures, so try to keep temperatures above 60F. If your house doesn’t have much humidity, you can place your bromeliad near other houseplants, or put it in parts of your house that are more humid (kitchen, bathroom…).

3. Fertilization: use a diluted (half strength or quarter strength) fertilizer biweekly or monthly. Avoid using fertilizers that contain copper and boron, as they are harmful to bromeliads.

5. Propagation: Mature plants will produce pups (new plant offshoots). When the pup is approximately 1/3 the size of the mother plant, it can be cut off using a sterile blade and repotted. Access our Free Guide to Bromeliad Pups for more information on how to harvest and care for your bromeliad offsets.

Bromeliads are a wonderful way of reminding your Mother how much you care. Unlike cut flowers, a bromeliad will continue to provide enjoyment to your mom for years to come.


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5 Responses to “Gifting a Bromeliad for this Mother’s Day”

  1. Crystal F cawthon says:


  2. Renee Tattershall says:

    My son gave me a Bromeliad for Mother’s Day 2015. He was murdered 10/11/15. Needles to say it is very special to me and I must keep it alive. Any advice is welcome.

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      How incredibly tragic. We are so sorry for your loss. Please let us know if you need any care tips for your bromeliad — in our “resources” tab in our website menu you can find some free care guides depending on what bromeliad you have.

  3. Becky Allen says:

    I just received my first bromeliad as a gift and am researching to see how best to care for it. I have also been trying to determine exactly what variety I have. It has thin green leaves that form a little cup where attached to the stalk. The bloom is dark red with a yellow center, petals offset and about three tiers, but not taller than the leaves. I live in the Tidewater area of Virginia and believe my bromeliad will do well on my covered, NE facing, front porch during the warm months, and will take it into the bathroom for the winter.

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      Send us a photo! bromeliads[at]bromeliads[dot]info

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