Greigia Bromeliad Plant Species

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Blooming, Care and Culture, Classification

Greigia (grayg’ea) – Belonging to the Bromelioideae subfamily; twenty-eight species of these large terrestrial plants have been identified.

Greigias are rare in cultivation as they grow in cool moist cloud forests at elevations of 2500-4000 m and are difficult to grow at low elevations. Unlike other bromeliads they do not die after flowering but continue to bloom every year from the same rosette.

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2 Responses to “Greigia Bromeliad Plant Species”

  1. Becky Conner says:

    Do I cut the browning blooms off or let them stay?

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      Hi Becky, if they are bothering you, you are welcome to cut them off. It is also completely fine to leave them and let them drop on their own.

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