Popular Bromeliad Plant – Billbergia nutans

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This article provides you with a specific profile of the popular bromeliad plant known as Billbergia nutans.

Billbergia nutans (bil-BER-gee-uh NOO-tans) – Also known as “Queen Tears or Friendship Plant.” Popular and easy to grow, queen’s tears gets its name from the tendency of the flowers to weep droplets of nectar. It is also a willing producer of offsets, which can be shared among friends, hence its other common name, friendship plant. Young plants grow into upright rosettes. As the leaves age, they arch outward. Mature plants are typically 16 in (40 cm) tall and up to 30 in (75 cm) wide. Plants bloom when they are 2 to 3 years old, usually in spring, bearing pendant red or pink bracts with green, purple, or yellow flowers inside. Too much light levels available outdoors in summer encourage mature plants to bloom the following spring. This bromeliad tolerates dry indoor air better than others, but still benefits from being kept in a spot where it can be misted often to increase humidity.

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