Popular Bromeliad Plant – Guzmania lingulata And Hybrids

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This article provides you with a specific profile of the popular bromeliad plant known as Guzmania lingulata and hybrids.

Guzmania lingulata (goos-MAN-ee-uh lin-goo-LAH-tah) – Also known as the “Scarlet Star.” Many older strains of scarlet star grew quite tall, but most modern named varieties are smaller, reaching a mature size of 10 inches (25 cm) tall and 12 in (30 cm) wide. This bromeliad has a rather upright posture, and its glossy green leaves add to its appeal. A flamboyant bloomer, in it third or fourth year scarlet star produces a brightly colored quill-like spike, which emerges just above the foliage in the plant’s center. As the flower spike fades, usually 6 or more weeks after it appears, pups emerge from near the base of the plant. Although scarlet star appreciates high humidity, it is less demanding of light than other bromeliads, and often grows beautifully in the bright artificial light of offices.

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2 Responses to “Popular Bromeliad Plant – Guzmania lingulata And Hybrids”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I bought a plastic potted bromeliad from Lowes that has mature blooms of 3 different colors, one is yellow, one is reddish and one is an orange-red. It was so beautiful I couldn’t pass it up. I have only had it about 3 weeks and it has done well in my open dining room. However, the red bloom has fallen over; I’m not sure if it needs more room to grow–(the bulb is quite thick), or if it is dying off. What do I do with it?


  2. peggie gilmore says:

    i have one these plants but my flowre looks as if it is dying what can i do to help it i love my plant and i want it to live

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