Popular Bromeliad Plant – Neoregelia carolinae ‘Tricolor’

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This article provides you with a specific profile of the popular bromeliad plant known as Neoregelia carolinae ‘Tricolor’.

Neoregelia carolinae (nee-oh-ree-GEE-lee-uh ka-roh-LIN-uh) – Also known as the “Blushing Bromeliad or Cartwheel Plant.” Blushing bromeliad gets its name from the way the leaves in the center of the plant turn bright red as the plant begins to flower. The blossom itself is not showy and stays nestled deep in the crown. However, the colored vase persists for a few months, until the parent plant dies back and makes way for three or more new offsets. Full-sized blushing bromeliads, sometimes called “neos,” become broad, flat-topped plants, 25 in (62.5 cm) wide and 12 in (30 cm) tall, and plants of any size need abundant warmth and humidity. To grow well, they must feel convinced that they are in a jungle, yet they also need abundant sun. This bromeliad is therefore not for everyone, but is a good choice if you have a bright sunroom that is kept humid at all times.

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4 Responses to “Popular Bromeliad Plant – Neoregelia carolinae ‘Tricolor’”



  2. Erin says:

    I have a Neoregelia Bromeliad. The parent plant has died off. I like the look of the Bromelaid on a log or in a open vase maybe with stones….Does anyone know how i can do that? of if i can? I have a “black thumb” and am trying my best for a green one…

  3. Tanya says:

    My bromeliad’s leaves are curling and at the base it looks like it is drying up.. so far people in my office feel that the plant
    a. needs more watering
    b. is not getting enough light.

    I have been watering the plant once a week and misting and thought that would be adequate. It was sitting on my counter in indirect sunlight. The room gets a lot of light streaming in all day but still my bromeliad looks sick. Also the water in the center cup of the plant was super stinky after one week… Is this ok?

    Latest action: I have stopped misting. In the past 7 days I have given it more water and now have put it in direct sunlight… I watered last Wed and Fri and today Tuesday. The plant looks like it is uncurling and little healthier. My concern is that I may over water the plant! But it does look better today… Help!


  4. Coco says:

    I have one of these lovely plants. I have found that it likes water in the leaves as well as at the base. Along with loosely packed dirt. Good Luck!

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