Popular Bromeliad Plant – Tillandsia Species And Hybrids

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This article provides you with a specific profile of the popular bromeliad plant known as Tillandsia Species And Hybrids.

Tillandsia (til-AND-see-uh) – Also known as “Air Plant or Sky Plant.” Tillandsia bromeliads are the rootless wonders of the plant world. Some species do have roots, but these are used primarily to anchor the plants in place. Tillandsias take up moisture and nutriments through the leaves, and only one species, T. cyanea (pink quill), can be grown in a pot. Others can be pinned, tied, or even glued onto a mount, such as gnarled piece of wood or a seashell. All are small plants with thin, gray-green leaves that seldom spread more than 6 in (15 cm) high and wide! Like other bromeliads, tillandsias bloom and then produce offsets. Giving them a cool winter rest increases the probability that mature plants will bloom. Most tillandsias reach maturity in 3 to 5 years.

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