Quesnelia Bromeliad Plant Species

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Blooming, Care and Culture, Classification

Quesnelia (kwes-nail’ea) – Belonging to the Bromelioideae subfamily; fourteen species have been identified. Primarily terrestrials growing in the coastal swamps of eastern Brazil.

The larger varieties, Quesnelia arvensis for example, have large green rosettes with a floral head of brilliant pink or red. The smaller species are tubular in shape, resembling billbergias, and are found growing epiphytically or on rocks in coastal mountains.

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2 Responses to “Quesnelia Bromeliad Plant Species”

  1. Elizabeth Sims says:

    I have an Aechmea fasciata “Primavera. It is a pup off the original planr. How do I entice it to bloom? Thanks

  2. Elizabeth Sims says:

    I have a Aechmea fasciata “primavera”. How do I get it to bloom?

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